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Components Lifecycle in Android is one of the biggest pain points for Android developers. Let’s add dependency injection complexity with scope management over that … and you can go into a very complex and frustrating situation😭

What is a Scope? What do you mean by Android Scope and how to deal with it? Let’s come back to those concepts to better understand them.

⚠️ The following APIs shown below will be available in Koin 3.0.1 & 2.3.0 ⚠️ Check the last release notes at

This article is inspired by Manuel Vivo’s article, Scoping in Android and Hilt. Manuel…

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Hi Koin users 👋, Koin 2.2.0 is almost there. This new milestone brings better stability, some API rework and also, helps you inject Work Manager & Jetpack Compose. Another big step, we have started to open Koin 3.0.0 alpha releases for the Kotlin Multiplatform version of Koin.

Let’s see what is coming in this 2.2 release & the roadmap for 3.0, and check the last Koin version, to wait for the stable version update.

Making Android ViewModel API more consistent

Starting from Koin 2.1, we introduced the possibility to inject the SavedStateHandle parameter through your injected parameters. …

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Photo by Kelli McClintock

It’s always an enjoyable time to share with you the result of several months of work and exchange with the community. Especially with those chaotic days of confinement overall the world. It’s good to take a “fresh breath”!

Now that Koin 2.1 has been published since a few weeks and is already at version 2.1.5, it’s time to unbox it!

What’s new in Koin 2.1? 🎉

New internals and better performances

The rework of Koin internals has been motivated by several points from 2.0 feedback:

  • Scope API not always easy to handle & leads to many issues
  • Internal data still too much mutable
  • GlobalContext need…

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Photo from Emiliano Arano

Years ago I’ve shared some ideas about dependency injection. Today I would like to share some ideas about structuring development around ViewModel. How can we set it up as States and Events? With the help of Kotlin coroutines, Mockk or even

TL;DR: all of this has been packaged into a small library: Uniflow 🦄

In 2017 Google released the Android Architecture components, offering real support for developers to build their apps. Since the first release, I’m playing working & heavily with those components for many companies. …

It’s now time! Koin 2.0 stable version is officially out. Six months of development, rewriting, API rethinking and users feedbacks analysis. And all of this with a real challenge: keep the simplicity of Koin!

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In last December I gave a shout to let you know what was in the development pipe:

The project continues to interest people and has now reached more than 3500 ⭐️on Github. It’s good to see the project listed among the used frameworks in Kotlin Census 2018. For conferences too, this year 2019 is made of good times (Droidcon Turin, AndroidMakers Paris, Kotliners …). …

This is now 3 months that Koin 1.0 has been launched, the first version tagged as production-ready. This has been also a great period for conference talks and some interviews. And no update since 1.0.2 release? 😱Don’t worry and let’s see together the next big things for Koin! 🎉

Koin, a game changer for the ecosystem✨

From this summer, it was not only a time for developing the first stable release of Koin. I got some cool interviews with Hadi Hariri for Talking Kotlin and with Benjamin Monjoie & Yannick Lemin for Android leaks. I also prepared some talks about Koin (Android Renne's meetup in France &…

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In my last public talks, I see that many people appreciate the simplicity of Koin and like the way it helps them to design their applications with ease. I’m clearly happy to see good feedback from this first stable version of Koin. But one question often comes up: how can I easily migrate my Dagger app to Koin? 🧐

Sorry, there is no IntelliJ plugin for that. But a small example is always a good occasion to understand things. Then, I propose you to migrate the well known Dagger’s thermosiphon app sample to Koin, in a step by step approach…

Dear Koin users, this is the moment to unleash our first stable version of Koin. A bit more than one year after the first version, here we are with some cool features that make your daily development easier with Kotlin & dependency injection.

The announce is available here 👉

Thank you for following us. Don’t hesitate to spread the word 👍

And a particular word to the early believers & adopters of the project, and all the people who help by their code contribution, feeadback or any other way to support the project. Thanks 🙂

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Well, well, well… this is it! Dear Koin users, this is the moment to unleash our first stable version of Koin. A bit more than one year after the first version, here we are with some cool features that make your daily development easier with Kotlin & dependency injection! Let’s go 👉

Setup for Koin 1.0.0

The 1.0.0 version of Koin is available in Jcenter. As usual, upgrade your Gradle script with the new version number. Here below is the complete Koin projects that are available:

// Koin core features
compile "org.koin:koin-core:1.0.0"
compile "org.koin:koin-core-ext:1.0.0"
compile "org.koin:koin-java:1.0.0"
testCompile "org.koin:koin-test:1.0.0"
// Koin for Android compile "org.koin:koin-android:1.0.0"…

Hi Koin users,

Thank you for being with us and reading Koin developers articles!

We are releasing the first public beta version of Koin 1.0.0. Lots of work have been done since our announcement of opening 1.0 roadmap. The website has been greatly reviewed to give you the most helpful about that. Check out the new website @

For more information about this major release, you can read our latest post:

We hope you’ll enjoy those new features. Don’t hesitate to give us your feedback!

Have fun coding,

Koin developers team.

Arnaud Giuliani

Software Engineer — Tech Speaker & Writer — Kotlin Google Dev Expert — Open Source Maker

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